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Our ancestor, George Schweier, was brought into this world when George Washington was in his Third year of office (1791) as the first President of our infant Country. The Schweier Family arrived in this Country from Germany in 1812 when the City of Buffalo was being destroyed by the British. After a long sailboat trip from Germany, they travelled by foot from what is now New York City. Walking out on an old Indian Trail, which is now Big Tree Road or Route 20 A, they settled for the winter in the Cazenovia Park area, where they built their log cabin homes. The local Indians were troublesome which resulted in the family pulling up stakes the following Spring and continuing their trek over the same trail where they finally arrived in a safer place which is now Strykersville, New York.

As far as can be determined, George and Margaret Schweier had two sons, Andrew and George from this beginning the Swyers Family grew.


Our Heritage