An Introduction to GMS  

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China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Estonia, Canada and the United States is a short list of where Glen has been requested to travel and perform in his favorite role of Solutionist. Left - Glen and Tim Swyers in Shanghai

Training for leadership has been a life long passion for the Swyers Family. Glen was encouraged early on to take every opportunity to develop these skills. When his Boy Scout troop needed a new Patrol Leader Glen did not let his age stand in the way. At the age of just 13 he further expanded his horizons by serving with a lay missions team in the Philippines. It was just a few years later that he volunteered to return to the Philippines and rebuild a print shop that was destroyed in a typhoon.

 When asked to describe his leadership style Glen quotes, “I have modeled my approach more in line with a Blanchard or Covey.” He also notes that deep down he is a teacher and his life successes have been a direct result of these skills.

When asked his key to sales – he says teach why a customer needs our company, Key to management – teach why the team needs to buy into the program. To get the best information about Glen we asked his friends and coworkers. They commented on how it is rare that you find a person with such a unique mix of skills, talents and life experiences but if you had to use one word it would be Solutionist.

The Inspiration

Growing up in a family printing business laid the foundation for a life dedicated to serving people and solving problems. Glen would rotate thru the departments pre-press, press, bindery, estimating, procurement, and personnel. Then when growth demanded it – back thru the departments again. This foundation served him well when working for Fortune 500 companies like Walt Disney World and Adelphia Communications. Seeing the market place changing, Glen recently returned to college and completed 2 degrees. He continues to challenge himself by working with 3 volunteer organizations – Promise Keepers, Joshua Revolution and Kingdom Bound. Noting that being a leader is different than having a Leadership position and the best way to grow as a leader is through volunteering.

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